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~ NumBox jQuery Plugin’s Developer ~


If you have a “How do I?” question, then please ask that on the NumBox Community Forums, after first taking a look around this web site to see if your question has already been covered. I regret that I will be unable to respond to these types of questions via email. Using the community forums is a good thing, since your question and any answers will be public, so other developers can benefit from this information without having to ask the same question. You may also find that your question gets answered faster, since anyone in the community can chime in.

If you would like to tell me about a web site you've put together that uses NumBox, I'd love a link. Thanks! It's great to see what you've created being useful to others, and encourages me to carry on improving and maintaining NumBox and other plug-ins that I work on. Please let me know too if you don't mind me sharing your URL publicly, as I may eventually put together a list of some sample sites that use the NumBox jQuery Plugin.

If you need more help than a simple question and answer will provide, I do take on some consulting work from time-to-time. Please note though that I'm often fully booked. If for some reason I can't help you, I may be able to put you in contact with someone who can. As a quick background, I tend to undertake a lot of HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript with jQuery work, (rich AJAX experiences and REST APIs,) but I'm a full-stack developer who also turns out a lot of .NET code (C#, MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server) and LAMP code (PHP, MVC, MySQL, etc.) I also develop mobile applications using the PhoneGap/Cordova JavaScript framework with jQuery Mobile and SQLite, and I've successfully led development teams at a number of start-ups and dot-coms. My preferred front-end frameworks are Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation.

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