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Operating System & Browser Number Pad Validation Formatting Last Test

Desktop Devices
Chrome (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Firefox (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 6 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 7 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 8 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 9 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 10 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Internet Explorer 11 (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Safari (Windows) n/a v1.2.0
Chrome (Mac OSX) n/a v1.1.0
Firefox (Mac OSX) n/a v1.1.0
Safari 5 (Mac OSX) n/a v1.1.0
Safari 6 (Mac OSX) n/a v1.1.0

Mobile Devices 1
Android v2.3 Native (Gingerbread) manual
Android v3.x Native (Ice Cream Sandwich) 2 v1.2.0
Android v4.x Native (Jelly Bean) 2 v1.2.0
Android v5.x Native (Lollipop + Chrome) v1.2.0
Android Chrome (pre Lollipop) 3 v1.2.0
Android Dolphin 2 v1.1.1
Android Firefox v1.1.0
iPad 2 (iOS v4.3+) v1.1.0
iPhone 3G/3GS Native (iOS v2.0+) v1.1.0
iPhone 4/4S Native (iOS v4.0+) v1.1.0
iPhone 5 Native (iOS v6.0+) v1.1.0
iPhone 5C/5S Native (iOS v7.0+) v1.1.0
Windows 7 Phone Native v1.1.0
Windows 8 Phone Native v1.1.0
Windows Surface (RT v8.2) v1.1.0
For release notes, please see the download page.
  1. Android only: It may be possible to paste non-numeric characters. NumBox field pasting is correctly disabled on desktop and iOS devices.
  2. Some webkit-based Android browsers have a bug that makes it possible to enter multiple decimal points to the far left of the number, but only if a number already exists, and the number is an integer without an existing decimal point. It is not possible to do this if there is no number, or to do this anywhere else in the field. Given that NumBox places the cursor on the far right of the field when it gets the focus, the likelihood of this occurring is quite rare. NumBox can probably be improved with a work-around, which is being looked into.
  3. The mobile version of Google Chrome, (not the standard browser that comes with Android,) is severely flawed, and does not pass on key press codes to JavaScript events. Therefore it is not possible to perform any real-time validation on this browser using just JavaScript, no matter which plugin you're using. As the next best thing to real-time validation, if you need to work with Chrome for Android, you could add your own validation on the change event and make use of the getRaw and getFormatted methods. Here is one lazy technique to identify Google Chrome for Android, if you want to stop or warn your users:

Don't see your operating system or browser listed here?

Please help the NumBox community with less than two minutes of your time! All you need to do is:
  1. Briefly try out the NumBox demo page.

  2. Let us know how things went in the NumBox Community Forums.

If You Need Assistance…

If you have a “How do I” or “Does it” type of question, please check the pages on this web site and existing posts on NumBox’s Google forum group first, before seeking assistance. NumBox’s developer is currently working two full-time jobs and so is unable to respond to questions that are already adequately covered on this site, but he’d love to otherwise be of help if he can.

If you still need help, (or just want to say hi!) please feel free to post in the NumBox Community Forums.

FAQ – Common Questions

Can the formatting remain displayed during input?
If NumBox were just for desktops then the answer would be yes. However, NumBox is “mobile-first” and we want mobile users to automatically see a numeric keypad when entering a number. In order for this to happen, most mobile browsers need the input type to be numeric, and the value to not have any non-numeric characters during input.

What kind of testing do you do?
NumBox was originally written for internal use in Timesheet Recorder. Consequently it is used virtually every day by, particularly in various Android environments with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile, along with Google Chrome for Windows, which is used for day-to-day wire-frame testing and JavaScript debugging. TimeApps is mostly a Windows shop, so NumBox is tested in all of the Windows browsers in-house, as well as on our Android Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean phones and tablets.

Mac OSX info has been courtesy of Rod Arakaki at YES! Magazine, who kindly helped out with Safari 5, Safari 6, Chrome and Firefox. Friends, and some local time-bank members, have also allowed us to test on some of their mobile devices, such as an iPad 2, iPhone 4 and Windows Surface. For the remaining platforms, we very much rely on your feedback, and would like to receive multiple compatibility reports regarding a platform before we add it to our list.

I don’t see an option for telephone numbers?
If there is enough interest in this feature, and the NumBox jQuery Plugin in general, to make it worthwhile, (it took a solid few weeks work to tweak NumBox for a wide range of mobile and desktop idiosyncrasies,) then PhoneBox jQuery Plugin for type=tel with a text fall-back could be a possibility…

Is there a free NumBox CDN I can use?
Yes!   Please visit the NumBox CDN page for details.